EMMET KIERANS - Designer/Maker/founder

Emmet brings his background in contemporary art, carpentry and construction techniques to his practice of designing and making installations, sets and furniture. He holds a Degree in Painting from The Limerick School of Art and Design and an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art. After spending the best part of a decade as a professional artist, a university art lecturer and as the director of a contemporary gallery he gravitated towards more hands-on work in the intersection of fine art and commercial design. This eye for fine detail along with the skills and techniques of a fine artist are brought to bear on every project. In tandem with his art practice Emmet has also worked extensively in the construction industry, particularly focusing on woodworking and carpentry, and so is comfortable working on larger builds and structural projects. (Check out his artwork at www.emmetkierans.com).

Rory Kierans - Designer/prop-maker

Second in command of No Such Thing Studios design and build team is colleague/brother/best mate RoryRory's background of technical designing and making, perfectly compliments the range of skills and knowledge necessary to create any project. With a degree in Product Desgn and an MA in Scenic Arts and Prop Making at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, he then went on to work on some incredible projects at the wonderful Wild Creations in Cardiff. His speciality is in designing, planning and creating props in a range of materials from plaster to steel to fibreglass. Like the A-Teams' Hannibal, Rory also loves it when a plan comes together.

Matt Morris - Designer/Builder

Every team needs an all rounder and Matt is ours. He can design CAD and 3D programmes, he does carpentry and joinery, electrics, plumbing, he makes a mean cup of tea, you name it, he can do it. His background in larger construction projects and training in architecture means he has a experience with wide variety of structural techniques and planning and has a broad knowledge of materials and process. Basically, if we have any questions about how we can realise a project, Matt can usually figure it out.

Cas Mc cormick - SEt Builder/Prop-Maker

Cas is a highly skilled and experienced set builder and prop maker. He initially studied at the National Youth Theatre specialising in set building before studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where he received a BA in design for performance with a focus on set building, construction management and prop making. Stints in the National Theatre honed his skills in wood and metal working while Shape Design and Construction where he focused on high shop fits and product launches. Apart from his impressive knowledge and experience, he's a big man so he carries all the heavy stuff for us.


No Such Thing Studios draws on a wider community of freelance artists, designers, prop makers, metal workers, tradesmen and craftspeople. This enables us to source specific expertise in order to realise projects of any scale and complexity.